Mason Tile

Free Estimates | The Process of Giving Estimates

After a day and time are agreed upon, Mason Tile will visit you for your free estimate labor proposal.  First, Mason Tile listens intently to you to determine exactly what it is that you want done.  Questions are asked for clarification.


Usually, you have already made your tile selection from a store, or you have narrowed it to a few options.

With material in mind, Mason Tile inspects the area to be done to determine the preparation necessary for the tile installation.  Professional preparation of the installation area is the key deciding factor to the overall quality of your installation.  Preparation consists of two parts: demolition and underlayment installation or backer board for a clean and most importantly level surface.  


The idea is to tear out just enough, but not too much so the final result is a flawless integral component of your home. If too much demolition occurs other problems are created including uneven surfaces, eye-jarring transitions, which necessitate drywall repair, paint touch up or the like.  Mason Tile has had to come in and fix jobs where the preparation was overdone or other unnecessary problems created, usually from lack of knowledge.  It is in your best interest, especially financially, to let the installer do the preparation from years of experience.



Next, backer board on walls or underlayment on floors is put in consistent with the building codes.  The manufactures of adhesives also have stipulations that are followed so a good installation guarantee can be provided.  This is particularly true on what type of floors it is permissible to lay over and treatment of cement backer board for steam showers. Recommendations per the Tile Council to provide a water proof poured cement shower pans are followed and the same for the attached cement curb.


Now comes the tile installation.  Attention is paid to the pattern and joint width per your desires.  With custom design patterns, expect a longer time to install and accordingly a more costly price.  Any requests on deco stripes, or random decos or any other pattern is also taken into account.  

Last, the grouting is done with bonding agents and sealers to help hold the color true and prevent it from darkening.  Generally, on floors it is best to use a medium to darker grout color and on walls a lighter one. It should be noted, no amount of sealer will keep a white floor grout white, sealer will delay the process, but over time it will become grayish with dirt.  Pulling together other details like resetting wood base, finishing off tile to carpet, resetting toilets and so forth are the final details to be done.


All this is put down with a scale drawing on paper step by step.  Each step is assigned a time/dollar value.  Setting price of so much per square foot is a small part of a job.  Steps are added up and a total arrived at.  All this is written up in front of you, and on the original which you keep, the job is explained to you in detail and questions answered.  All of this is done in an hour, more time on complicated jobs.