Mason Tile

Bathroom Remodels Denver, Bathtub and Shower Remodels

Bathroom Remodels, New or remodel bathtub and shower installs are a speciality of Mason Tile.  New cement backer board  is installed by us and taped to existing walls.  Discussions to patterns and looks in tile are done on estimate and executed by us.  Any other design features are discussed such as soap dishes, ceramic corner shelves, recessed nooks and executed by us.  Hanging ordinary shower doors is a service Mason Tile provides. Toilets on bath floors are removed so they sit on tile and all plumbing parts provided by us. Also, tiled ceiling and  carpet work to tiling so no metal shows are all part of the job Mason Tile provides. Lastly, if there is anything we didn’t cover hear, please ask us, and we can discuss your custom needs.